google warming



google warming

Google Warming is a research scholarship project for Victoria University of Wellington, NZ that extends work already undertaken by Dr. Leon Gurevitch on the relationship between Google Earth and the visualization of climate change. Work prior to the commencement of this project has been accepted for publication in A rated international media journals and will form the foundation for extending such material into a 3D printed science communication project.

Locating parts of the earth that have been environmentally damaged or altered, I captured data from Google Earth and various other online repositories which was interpreted programatically in Rhino3D and Grasshopper to generate parametric 3D data visualizations. From Rhino, I experimented with comparative, rapid prototyped 3D printed models to communicate the scale of environmental change taking place on Earth.
From “before and after” mountaintop removal data from the Appalachian mountains in the United States to ocean acidification, deforestation in Brazil, CO2 emissions, the predicted rise of sea levels for Wellington, I created models that physically represent the scale of change taking place on the earths surface.
Using low cost 3D printers to print out models cheaply and quickly, this research tested out different modelling possibilities from individually printed small-scale models through to larger, tiled prints.