digital workshops of the world

digital workshops of the world


3D Motion Graphics piece designed to communicate research initiatives for Dr. Leon Gurevitch’s ‘Digital Workshops of the World’. I was commissioned to complete this video as part of a design research grant awarded to me by the Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Fund.

Research Overview:

“Welcome to the Digital Workshops of the World: A Royal Society Research Project led by Dr. Leon Gurevitch to analyze the geographic and industrial migration paths of digital image industry skills. Specifically this projects seeks to understand the migrations of digital image professionals both to and from New Zealand to ask why talent migrates to the country, whether it stays and where it goes when it does not. Similarly, The Digital Workshops of the World aims to find out how much cross-fertilization of digital image expertise takes place between the film visual effects industry and the growing games industry is currently taking place.”

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Audio: Candlegravity “Tomie’s Bubbles” (CCBY)